Snow, oh snow.


Let it snow…. & melt quickly after? Then snow some more.

Snow can be lots of fun. You can build snowmen, catch snowflakes, and make snow angels. While many people love snow, it can be dangerous as well. There are many safe measures that can be taken to avoid, reduce, or transfer your risks. To avoid falling make sure to stay at a reduced speeding limit. It may sound repetitive but in the end it’s worth it. Meanwhile you’re gathering patience and increasing your defensive driving skills. This advice even goes to those walking to work or a local shop.

To reduce slipping many stores have special products that are specifically for snowy days. Ensure your tires have that extra grip and your shoes as well. To transfer your risk, stay inside next to your warm chimney and listen to some music or watch a movie. Invite friends over while you’re at it and make it a party. By doing this you’re transferring your risk for the opportunity of spending time with friends with your loved ones.



low_temperature_danger_warning-512.png  – Yield / Slippery Roads Ahead


– Karin




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